Get to know Droatest

Droatest is a Johannesburg based South African musician. He was born in North West and grew up in a small township called Itekeng Location, sometimes referred to as Biesiesvlei. Growing up Droatest was a top student and sticked to school until he obtained his CA(SA) qualification. In 2020 he dropped his debut project, which he classified as a mixtape because of it being his first. One of the songs off his debut mixtape titled “My Babe” was so impressive that it reached over 100k views on YouTube within 5 days of release. This song was also playlisted by a few South African radio stations. Outside of music he’s also an entrepreneur and owns a couple of start up businesses. He was born on 3 September 1992 and his real name is Tshwarelo Legae. Droatest is a natural born leader looking at the path he’s paving for himself, a rare breed indeed. 

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